09OCT2011: MSgt Joel Weber

Ramblings of a Deployed Mind
From the confines of Camp Leatherneck


YAY for another week being over and done with and a new week starting. I was severely out and about again this week and didn’t have Internet access for the most part. I know, I know…cry me a river, lol. I’ve been on Osprey’s, Chinooks, and C-130’s…flying all over this forsaken little country. WHEW! I was dirty, tired, cranky, and pissed at all time. I even conducted an authorized inspection and got my ass handed at the end by a CO over VTC…I can’t make this stuff up. Not only did I get chewed, but it got the butt chewed of my Deputy before I even got back to Leatherneck. Gotta love technology! Anyway, the week flew by quickly and that’s what it’s all about.

So my little baby Kirstin got released from the hospital last weekend and got to play in her first soccer game this weekend…and she won!! Woot woot! She enjoyed her week back at school and was very appreciative of all the cards and items that people sent to keep her spirits up! She is an amazingly, positive little girl, but she is also extremely humble for an eight year old. Kara on the other hand has sprouted like a tree, grown a “bubble butt”, and has become a little sassy girl. All the things that you would expect from a pre-teen. Gotta love it 🙂

So the Bills play Philly this week, GO BILLS!

We get to see it tonight too and they are playing the Bills game here for a record third week in a row! Too bad they blew it against lowly Cincinnati. That’s okay, I’ll take a 4-1 record after we beat Philly and Mike Vick this week. Our beloved Buffalo Sabres also started the NHL season in Europe with a big win, 4-1. Tommy Vanek and Jason Pominville are back! Gotta love it.

So it’s going to be a short email this week as I can’t discuss what most of my week consisted of, but I know I’ll be moving around again this week…UGH! But, on the bright side, 7 MONTH MARK LAST WEEK!!! 7 DOWN AND 5 TO GO!!

UNIT 73920
FPO AE 09510-3920

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