12JUN2011 MSgt Joel Weber

Ramblings of a Deployed Mind
From the confines of Camp Leatherneck

Another week has flown past as quick as could be and I can feel the R&R, LOL. We have really been busy this week. Cleaning stuff up, organizing, rearranging, losing and finding stuff, tying up loose ends, and just plain working. It’s all for the goodness of our minds. The more we complete and tie up now, the more we can relax in what spare time we find. I have finally caught up in school with this new class, but I’m guessing it’s because the easy assignments come early…but I’ll take it. I’d like to see if I can jump ahead of the game, as I’ll be traveling around again next week and that’s how I got behind in the last class. All and all, I plan on staying ahead, so losing a little sleep in the process ain’t bad. I still have no idea my grade from the last class because I turned in my final a week late almost. Here’s to praying for the best in that situation.

Brian is still at home on R&R with his new baby and we have actually managed without him…I knew we could, it’s just costs us more time and effort due to the inexperience and lack of initiative. For the most part, you have to dictate every little thing that needs to be done, or it just won’t be done, that simple. Then you have to check and re-check the work, because it’s not what I’m used to or at the level of attention that I’m used to. But, they’ve been “shittin and gittin” the last few days, so things are starting to look up (because things are winding down).

Both my little baby girls have moved on to higher grades this week. Kara had her 5th grade graduation on Thursday as she knocked her EOG’s out of the ballpark! I’m very proud of her and now I have a middle schooler on my hands…oh goodness. Kirstin had straight 4’s (or A’s) on her report cards, vice missing quite a bit of time due to her illness. Nothing ever gets that girl down and she is now a proud 3rd grader! I sent them both flowers to recognize them because I couldn’t be there. They are never too far from my thoughts and mind.

I ran only a few times this week with a 16.2 miler in there. Somewhere after that, I seemed to have wrenched my back and now it hurts terribly….Ugh!!! On another positive note, the WiFi within our rooms is getting better, but has a tendency not to work most of the time. I won’t complain about that at all, because I have it real good right now 🙂 We’ve snuck in a few episodes of “The Pacific”…a series that I’ve heard about just never seen….WOW!! Gonna give my Dad a quick shout out…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD, I LOVE YOU…just in case I forget while traveling or don’t have Internet access 🙂

So anyway, this is going to be a short letter because there is nothing left to say…just saying. If you’re looking to send anything this way, LARGE BROWN towels and MAN LUFFA’s would be nice. The towels here are small…kinda like the bathroom scene of Starsky & Hutch. Have a great week everyone!

UNIT 73920
FPO AE 09510-3910

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Author: Cpl. Beddoe
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