26JUN2011 MSgt Joel Weber

Ramblings of a Deployed Mind
From the confines of Camp Leatherneck


Everyone is going to get sick of hearing this, but this week WENT BY quick as hell. I’m not sure where it went, but it’s gone. It’s another very warm, very bright, and very dusty filled day here in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.


Work was work and it kept me busy for the most part. We’ve been trying to trim back our hours, but it just never seems to happen. I partly blame that on my OCD because (if you know me) I can find something to do every second of everyday and it’s not just busy work. I don’t procrastinate and if it can be done now, then we’ll do it now, regardless if I have 12 months to do it…just sayin. Anyway, things are going well and have become routine. We have started to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s and have begun to make definite and huge improvement for the crew that has to replace us. They will be walking into a modernized, up to date, clean work area.

So Brian, the new Daddy, is back on deck. We were issued our pink cigars upon his arrival and it’s just really nice to have him back. We tried to make his transition back an easy one, but outside sources made his first day back suck…and he was upset his first day back. It’s just part of our job out here, working with other entities…that don’t quit know what they’re doing and it’s our job to be the Marines and to fix things that other lazy people will not. At the end of the day, I go to bed with a clean conscience, knowing that I did all I could for the day. I’m hoping by the time our replacements come out here next year, that they get to walk into an area and pick up all that we do in a few days…we are trying to make it that simple and routine. I know my roomie is on his way out here too, so that’s exciting…high 5’s all around. I gotta give props to my TRUE FRIENDS back home. Dave and Robin said they will be taking care of my house while Joe and I are here…I’m just hoping Joe emptied the fish tank. I’ve also learned this morning that my boy Chongo is in country. This will be a hell of a reunion…good times!!!!

As for school, I am falling behind again. It’s not that I wasn’t trying, but it was just the time thing. So many things have come up that I haven’t been able to truly sit down and knock it out. This will be the last class I take until I return from my R&R; so I think I’ve done pretty well knocking out three course since I’ve been here.

A lot of people have been asking me my thoughts on President Obama’s speech to pull troops from Afghanistan. I tell them to look at history and timing. The man has not done anything he said he was going to do as of yet, why believe him now. My taxes are going up, he’s going to erode military benefits and retirement, troops have not left Iraq (but are going back), and we have more troops over here than you can count. BTW, Libya is going on…..just throwing that out there. It’s just another speech and his words don’t meet the actions. Either way, he is my CINC and I will do as he orders me. I’d like to see all my fellow military members out of here. I think NATO can handle this, just like they have in Balkans and Libya (insert a sense of sarcasm).

So my babies are done with school and attending camps this summer. Kirstin has missed a few due to sickness, but every chance i do get to talk to her, she is in such amazing spirits. She said she really enjoyed the Colitis Walk a few weeks ago and she told me to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped her crush her goal. She reached right under $2,400 for the cause. She made me a candy basket (filled with candy) for Father’s Day. She said I work late and need candy to keep me up….awwww….how sweet. Kara is Kara…and being 11 years old. She talks about Middle School and how she is always so busy doing things, LOL…makes me laugh. I hate saying, “that’s what my parent’s told me”….but it’s true….crazy the Circle of Life, lol.

I haven’t ran much lately due to my back, but a few developments on that side. I criticized Nike last week and low and behold, I win one of their 4,999 spots in the 2012 Chicago Marathon….that is sweet! Also, my new Garmin 610 showed…now back to pacing my runs….thank you Nike and thank you Garmin. We are looking to spend our 4th of July having a good time here…PT gear, hats, and weapons…just like the other services! Should be interesting. We will be on TV, so if you get a chance, try and watching Good Morning America or any of those morning shows on the 4th…you’ll see us 🙂

Anyway, it’s off to church for me (yes, I’m emailing from my room….terrible, lol) and I will talk to everyone next week. If you feel like send a care package….room fresheners are a wonderful item. Dad/Mom = SLEEP Room Spray from Bath & Body Works 🙂 I love you guys!

UNIT 73920
FPO AE 09510-3920

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