Cpl. Jason Dunham is my Hero

The first Marine to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War, in 2004 Cpl. Jason Dunham threw himself on a grenade in Iraq and sacrificed his life to protect his brother Marines.

I did not know Jason but I know what he represented, the type of character he had, and the pride he had in being American and a Marine. Semper Fi Jason. R.I.P.

Cpl. Jason Dunham is my hero.
He will NEVER be forgotten.

~Cpl. Beddoe

On April 14, 2004, 3 days after Easter Sunday, Corporal Dunham was manning a checkpoint in Karabilah, Iraq, when an insurgent leapt from his car and began choking Corporal Dunham. A scuffle ensued as two Marines approached to help. Reportedly, the last words from Corporal Dunham were, “No, No. Watch his hand.” Suddenly, the insurgent dropped a grenade. Corporal Dunham took off his Kevlar helmet, dropped to the ground, and covered the explosive as best he could.

The blast seriously wounded all 3 Marines. Eight days later, Corporal Jason L. Dunham died at Bethesda Naval Hospital from wounds he received in the incident. He was 22.

Corporal Dunham made the ultimate sacrifice, and in doing so saved the lives of his fellow Marines. Due to his actions on that fateful day, Corporal Dunham has been awarded the Medal of Honor.

Jason’s Memorial Page
Jason’s Wikipedia page
USS Jason Dunham

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Author: Cpl. Beddoe
Cpl, USMC 1981-1985 MCRDSD Plt 3042, Aug 28, 1981 Work hard. Be kind. Pay it forward. Twitter: @txdevildog
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2012/06/10 22:21

HI JWF! Thanks for the thanks. I’m pelased to hear that there’s gonna be nice weather in NYC for that parade, and HOPE there’s a big turnout.When I lived there, I marched in every Veterans Day parade, but the weather was usually cold, wet and miserable and the “crowds” weren’t very large (they’re were frequently more of us marching than there were people watching.I sure hope NYC folk take time out from shopping and chores to attend this parade and thank the Vets and those currently serving.

Shutt Web Sgt
Shutt Web Sgt
2009/08/03 19:22

>May Chesty Puller be waiting in Heaven with his Medal in Hand! .. Semper Fi

2009/07/26 20:30

>May Almighty God Bless this Marine and comfort the family who loves him so!

2009/07/19 21:07

>Story by Pfc. Michael Gams
Date: 07.15.2009
Posted: 07.15.2009 02:42

"Cpl. Dunham was the quintessential Marine," Gibson said. "He was the square-jawed, muscular all-American man you envision when someone says Marine. He had the character to back up his looks, too. There wasn't a mean bone in his body."

He earned respect from his men by example, not by intimidation, Gibson said of his leadership style.

"Cpl. Dunham was the kind of guy you would want your daughter to bring home," he added.

During the patrol, their battalion commander's convoy was ambushed nearby. Dunham led his Marines south of the ambushed convoy when vehicles began to flee the scene. As the Marines prepared to stop the vehicles, an Iraqi clad in black jumped from a white sport utility vehicle and attempted to choke Dunham. During the scuffle that ensued, the Iraqi dropped a hand grenade.

Cpl. Dunham didn't falter.

In his last conscious act he threw his Kevlar helmet – then himself – on the grenade, absorbing the blast and saving the lives of his fellow Marines who were nearby.

When the smoke cleared, Dunham lay unconscious on the hard dirt road. His Kevlar ripped into two major pieces and countless shreds by the explosion.

Read the entire story: