Map of the Vietnam War

THIS IS A FULL Collection of 4 pages of FIRE BASES, AIR FORCE BASES, Naval and Medical, BROWN WATER Naval, and any and all bases DOD during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975

Great link for in-country Vietnam vets, or those curious about the Vietnam War… Thanks to Ed Creamer, Col Wayne Morris USMC (Ret) and LT Don Tyson USN (Ret) for sharing.

Locations included in map:

Phu My
Rach Gia
Tan An
Cao Lanh
Cai Lay
Dai Loc
Quang Ngai
An Khe
Phu Cat
My Lai
An Loc
Loc Ninh
Phuoc Vinh
Trang Bang
Cu Chi
Dat Do
Phuoc Le
Cam My
Gia Ray
Tri Tam
Lai Khe
Ben Cat
Duc Pho
Bong Son
CMAC (Le Van Duyet)
PTF Base
Camp Tien Sha
Camp Fey
Monkey Mountain
Blackhorse Base Camp
LZ Katum
90th Replacement Battalion
Camp Alpha
7th Airforce HQ
Air America Terminal
US Embassy Annex
US Embassy
Cam Lo
LZ Russell
LZ Brillo Pad
OP Hill
LZ Alamo
LZ Blackfoot (Hill 1018)
LZ Swinger
LZ Cider
LZ Mile High
LZ Roberts
LZ Chu Pa
FSB Ban Me Thout
FSB Gray
LZ Lima Zulu
8 Inch Hill
Duster Hill
Pump Station 6
Golf Course
Hon Cong Mountain
LZ Goat
LZ Flexer
Pump Station 8
Pump Station 10
FSB McNerney
Pump Station 9
French Fort
LZ Hardcore
LZ Charlie Brown
Mai Loc
Song Mao
FSB Tuy Hoa
Riverboat South
III Marine Amphibious Force HQ (Camp Horn)
LZ Young
Hill 14
Hill 110
LZ Bols
Tam Ky Airfield
LZ Sheryl
FSB Arsenal
Sin City
FSB Bradley
LZ Erskine
LZ Cunningham
LZ Razor
LZ Shiloh
LCU Ramp
Frank Doezema Compound (MACV)
Tun Tavern
LZ Smith
FSB Barbara
Firebase Airborne
Qui Nhon Port Facility
Coastal Division 16 Pier
DeLong Piers
Coastal Division 14 HQ
Naval Support Facility
LZ Colt
LZ Sparrow Knob
Hill 10
Hill 69
Camp Hockmuth
Chu Lai Harbor
Americal (23rd Inf) Div HQ
Gia Ray
Xuan Loc
Cam Ranh Port
China Beach
Hill 327
Hill 34
Hill 55
Con Thien
Ha Tien
Hill 861
Hill 1015
Hill 950
Hill 881N
Hill 881S
Khe Sanh
Fire Support Base Alpine
Newport Terminal
FSB Tango
Chau Doc MACV
Nui Sam
ATSB Tinh Bien
Hill 664
Solid Anchor (Nam Cam Base)
Rach Soi
Binh Thuy
Crum Compound
FSB Rach Kien
FSB Tan Tru (Scott)
Tigers Lair
LZ Phoenix
LZ Cindy
LZ Manchester
LZ Pleasantville
LZ Mildred
Hill 497
FSB Carolyn
LZ Pineapple
FSB Bludgeon
Hill 707
Hill 410
Hill 270
Hill 76
LZ Hurricane
LZ Artillery Hill
LZ Bayonet West
LZ Chippewa
LZ Ann
LZ Paradise
LZ Clifford
LZ Bowman
LZ Fat City
Cau Ha
LZ Nancy
LZ Crook
LZ Columbus
LZ Victor
LZ Xray
LZ Albany
LZ Golf
LZ Mary
LZ Two Bits
LZ English
LZ Orange
LZ Easton
LZ Uplift
Camp Addison
Camp Radcliff
LZ Pluto
LZ BanMeThout East (LZ Gray)
LZ Lonely
LZ Athena
LZ Weigt-Davis
LZ Jean
LZ Jackson Hole
LZ Joan
LZ Vera
LZ Oasis
LZ Blackhawk
LZ Action
LZ Schueller
LZ Jenny
Camp Fidel
LZ Linda
LZ Crystal
LZ Hammond
LZ Jupiter
FSB 16
LZ Hardtimes
LZ Pony
Fire Support Base 15
Fire Support Base 12
Fire Support Base 13
Camp Enari
Fire Support Base 5
Fire Support Base 6
LZ Rawhide
FSB Sledge
Firebase Rakkassan
Firebase Bastogne
Firebase Henderson
Firebase O’Reilly
Firebase Ripcord
Firebase Barnett
Firebase Maureen
Firebase Jerome
Firebase Langley
Firebase Rifle
Vandergrift (LZ Stud)
Firebase Sarge
Firebase Tomahawk
Firebase Birmingham
Firebase Veghel
Firebase Thor
Firebase Lash
Firebase Spear
Firebase Blitz
Firebase Brick
Firbase Normandy
Firebase Checkmate
Firebase Satan II
Firebase Fist
Firebase Tennessee
Firebase Falcon
Firebase Strike
Firebase Nuts
Firebase Gladiator
Firebase Kathryn
Firebase Jack
Camp Carroll
Firebase Blaze
Firebase EaglesNest
LZ Sally
Camp Eagle
Camp Evans
LZ Betty (Currahee)
FSB Currahee
FSB Rendezvous
LZ Ross
LZ West
Hill 37
LZ Ryder
LZ Professional
The Rockpile
Marble Mountain
LZ Dove
LZ Bluejay
LZ Crow
LZ Sheppard
LZ Snapper
LZ Temnora
LZ Victory
LZ Mellon (Location???)
LZ Fox
LZ Geronimo
LZ Thunder Mountain
LZ Tempest
LZ Bingo
LZ Bass
LZ Thunder
LZ Bunker Hill
LZ Irma Jay
LZ Mary Lou
LZ Lane
FSB Miller (Phu Nhon Airfield)
LZ Lowboy
LZ Bird
FSB 4-11
LZ Stinson (Buff)
LZ Uptight
LZ Dottie
LZ Gator
LZ Bayonet
LZ Baldy
LZ Center
LZ Siberia
LZ East
Hill 54
LZ Maryann
LZ No Slack
LZ Bronco
FSB Moore
Dong Tam
FSB Camp Panther
Long Binh
FSB Danger
FSB Dirk/Schroeder
Phu Loi
Cu Chi Base
LZ Phan Thiet
Lai Khe
Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den)
Camp Holloway
Quang Loi (LZ Andy)
Bear Cat
LZ Austin
LZ Kelly
Thunder III
LZ Thunder I
LZ Thunder II
LZ Dolly
LZ Grant
LZ Jamie
LZ Jake
LZ Diana
LZ Rita
LZ Tina
LZ Vicki
LZ Becky
LZ Christine
LZ Ike
Tay Ninh West
LZ Ann
LZ Barbara
LZ Ann
LZ Crook
National Assembly
Soldiers Monument
Presidential Palace
Notre Dame Catholic Church
Hotel de Ville
Continental Palace
Phuoc Vinh
Plei Mrong
Ban Me Thuot
Buon Ho
Cheo Reo
DODO Camp (Paradise Island)
Polei Krong
Polie Kleng
Binh Khe
5th Special Forces Group HQ
A Shau
Trung Dung
Bien Hoa
Song Be
Dong Xoai
Bu Prang
Bu Dop
Bu Ghia Map
Duc Phong
Nhon Co
Ban Don
Tra Bong
Mang Buk
Duc Co
Tieu Atar
Duc Lap
Plei Me
Plei Djereng
Ben Het
Dak Pek
Dak Seang
Chi Lang
Ba Xoai
Ba To
Minh Long
Gia Vuc
Chuong Nghia
Lang Vei
Moc Hoa
Ban Me Thuot East
Long Thanh North
Nakhon Phanom
Bac Lieu
Quang Long Airfield
Tuy Hoa North
Tuy Hoa
Qui Nhon Airfield
Phu Bai Airfield
Ky Ha Marine Air Facility
Marble Mountain Airbase
Cam Ranh Bay Air Force Base
Phan Thiet Airfield
Tan Son Nhut
Bien Hoa
Tan Tich
Tan An
Vinh Long
Can Tho
Vung Tau
Dau Tieng
Chu Lai Airfield
Da Nang
Nha Trang
Pleiku Airbase
Dak To
Dalat Cam Ly
Quang Tri
Dong Ha
An Hoa
Bu Krak
Phu Cat Airbase
Lane Army Helipad
Phan Rang
Gia Nghia
Camp Coryell
Bao Loc
An Khe Arifield
Kontum Air Field
8th Field Hospital
36th Evacuation Hospital
85th Evacuation Hospital
27th Surgical Hospital
USS Sanctuary
93rd Evacuation Hospital
24th Evacuation Hospital
AFV HQ (Free World Building)
1st Australian Field Hospital
1st Australian Logistics Support Group
FSPB Coral
FSB Spear
FSB Andrea
FSB Carmen
FSB Serle
FSB Horseshoe
FSB Bridge
FSB Cherring
FSB Thrust
FSB Arrow
Nui Dat
Ba Long Valley
An Lao
An Lao Valley
Plain of Reeds
A Shau Valley
Charlie Ridge
Happy Valley
Phu Nhon
Worth Ridge
Elephant Valley
Ban Me Thuot
Que Son Valley
An Khe Pass
Plei Trap Valley
Bong Son Plain
Hill 441
Hill 947
Hip Duc Valley
Operation Desoto Jan 27-30 ’67
Antenna Valley Operation Essex Nov 7-16 ’67
Operation Swift Sep 10-15 ’67
Operation Swift Sep 4-10 ’67
Operation Hastings Jul 18-30 ’66
Hill 937
Hill 724
Hill 823
Hill 1338
Ngok Kom Leat
Hill 830
Hill 882
Hill 889
Hill 875
Happy Valley
Ia Drang Valley
South Ambush
Crow’s Foot
Arizona Territory
Operation Shenandoah II
Iron Traingle
Dodge City
Battle of Phu Dong 05/16/68
Go Noi Island
Ruong Ruong
Kham Duc
173rd Drop Zone – Operation Junction

Semper Share:
Author: Cpl. Beddoe
Cpl, USMC 1981-1985 MCRDSD Plt 3042, Aug 28, 1981 Work hard. Be kind. Pay it forward. Twitter: @txdevildog
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2023/06/14 19:19

I arrived in Chu Lai in late August 65. I was assigned to comm platoon 1/4. I had been in some 30 months. I had been in the 8 Marines at LeJeune before that. It was HOT and sometimes dusty till the rains came in October. We were between the airfield and the choppers on the base. Two company’s were on islands just off shore. We moved down to the beach in February and I got R&R in Okinawa. Got back some 4 days later and part of my battalion had moved. We were sent to Phu Bai and went to the field for some 5 or 6 weeks before coming back to the base. I went over by ship the General D I Sultan.comment image

Kevin York
Kevin York
2022/10/24 13:03

My good friend died in Vietnam in November 1968. He was with the 1/26 marines Delta company, 2nd platoon. He was killed near hill 190. I would like to see where that hill is on a map. Thank You

Larry savage
Larry savage
2022/09/09 18:00

45th Engr. Gp located in Phu-Bai. ( 69 ) Thank you for all of you that put this page together. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS

Last edited 1 year ago by Larry savage
thomas yarborough
thomas yarborough
2021/12/19 13:15

I did not see Tuyen Nhon listed there. I saw Moc Hoa which was a few clicks away on the Vam Co Tay river.

Rick Dailey
Rick Dailey
2021/06/23 16:32

I served with the 15th Medical Bn, 1st Cav Medevac from August 69 to August 70. Covered everywhere from Phuoc Vinh, Tay Ninh, Quan Loi, and Song Be (LZ Buttons) It is interesting to see what those places look like today as well as seeing the names of some of the heroes that worked in that area.

Melvin Young
Melvin Young
2021/03/14 15:58

Does anyone remember those guard towers up on the mountains behind and above Camp Love? Wondering what the name of those peaks were? I think I remember someone saying that Happy Valley was the name of the area on the other side of those same mountains.

Jay Hughes
Jay Hughes
2021/01/29 11:31

In the list above you have Gia Ray. I suspect you meant GIA LAI, the capital of the province of similar name.
Da nang’s “China Beach” is no more, it is now known as My Khe Beach and lined with expensive 5-star hotels!
Many destinations have been renamed.
Where is the map?

Jay Hughes
Jay Hughes
2021/01/29 11:22

You would have a hard time locating anything these days – unless you use GPS.
Now that all the bullshit is over, the country is booming. Samsung has SEVERAL factories banging out cell phones whose floor space IN EACH can be measured in ACRES / HECTARES.
There are still US-built “Pill Boxes” (bunkers to be seen all over. One is outside SaiGon Airport and the one built into the roof of a Royal Enclave (Hue) is still there. There is another Pill Box just north of Da Nang. Khe Sanh is now a farm (the steel was stolen).
The US built an ‘airport’/runway in KonTum province, 5 miles from DakTo Town (Use Google Maps to look at 14.654465 107.793395). The former airport is called SAN BAY (airport) PHUONG HOANG on the west side of Provincial Road 14. The Russians have even used it for landing aircraft but these days the ‘airport’ is used for growing vegetables, racing motorcycles, etc. I fly my drone there.
You can’t miss Da Nang – it has a new bridge (

Les McGhee
Les McGhee
2021/01/20 16:17

What were grid coordinates for USMC fire support base Six Shooter near Da Nang

Kenneth Fendley
Kenneth Fendley
2020/12/21 04:47

Looking for LZ Maude, used by 196th LIB, 1972.

Mike C Sheldon
Mike C Sheldon
2018/01/21 18:37

Thanks your diligengent work.

Jon Miller
Jon Miller
2017/03/16 06:03

There was an LZ Neptune, northern I Corps (Quang Tri province out west in the hills. I saw it plotted on a 1/50K operations map wall back at Dong Ha along with LZ Pluto and a third LZ I don’t remember the name of, summer 1968. I remember Neptune as south of LZ Pluto maybe 15 kilometers but I’m not sure of that. It has been a very long time.

Mike Townes
Mike Townes
2017/01/30 20:52

Great map, thank you, but understandably still incomplete. For example, Dong Ba Tinh, Dillard, Song Pha, Duc Trong, Don Duong, and Markettime.

Dan P. Brodt
2016/12/26 11:20

You list POLEI Krong Airfield but I cannot locate it on your map. Can you help please? Very important.

david longood
david longood
2016/05/11 11:55

Also didn’t mention Dai Do which was later given an operational name. i don’t recall what it was called after the fact. 300 KIA and WIA1000 injured might be worth a mention. Semper Fi. thanks for the work you have done.

david longood
david longood
2016/05/11 11:40

No Alpha 1 or Alpha 2– No FSB Neville (which was overrun) easy to google

david longood
david longood
2016/05/11 11:35

You did not include Cua Viet (Camp Kistler) home of 1st Amtracs.