Old Jarhead Poems

I recently read “Old Jarhead Poems – The Heart of a Marine” by Robert A. Hall.

Old Jarhead Poems
In all my years of reading Marine Corps literature, never I have come across such a meaningful and reflective book of Marine poems. One or two I recognized from past editions of Leatherneck Magazine but most of the poems I had never read and Brother, how beautifully inspiring they were.

Anyone who has served in our beloved Corps would thoroughly enjoy reading the outstanding heartfelt words of Robert Hall, such as this one:

The Honor of Our Corps

When the beer, it flows like water,
And the talk, it turns to war,
Then we speak of absent comrades
And the Honor of our Corps.

Of the fights in distant places
And the friends who are no more,
Dying faithful to the nation
And the Honor of our Corps.

Though our bones are growing brittle
And our eyes are growing poor,
Still our hearts are young and valiant
For the Honor of our Corps.

Should the Eagle, Globe and Anchor
Call us to the field once more,
We would muster at the summons
For the Honor of our Corps.

When the years have told our story
And we close the final door,
We will pass to you for keeping
Bright the Honor of our Corps.

Will you take the awesome burden?
Will you face the fire of war?
Will you proudly bear the title
For the Honor of our Corps?

Robert A. Hall served four years (1964-68) in the Marines before attending college, including a shortened and by his account very easy tour in Vietnam, where he was a Radio Relay Team Chief with Headquarters, 26th Marines at Khe Sanh in 1967. He left the Corps to attend college and enter politics, to try to serve the country in another way. While a state senator, he reenlisted in the Marine Reserves (1977-83), finishing with the rank of Staff Sergeant. He says being around Marines helped keep him sane in political life.

“This collection is far from all of my poetry, but I included those most likely to appeal to Marines. I’ve tried to note those I know were previously published, and where, but haven’t done a good job tracking that. No excuse, Sir. I hope this book will raise a few dollars to help wounded troops, and that my fellow Marines will find some merit in it. If not, well, the money went to a good cause. Semper Fidelis. ~Bob.”

All author’s proceeds from “Old Jarhead Poems” are donated to “The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund” to help wounded troops and their families, so buy your copy now!

Copyright © Robert A. Hall, 2011

Semper Share:
Author: Cpl. Beddoe
Cpl, USMC 1981-1985 MCRDSD Plt 3042, Aug 28, 1981 Work hard. Be kind. Pay it forward. Twitter: @txdevildog
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2012/01/16 03:59

Rudyard Kipling has long been my favorite for this type of poetry — but he couldn’t have said it better!

2012/01/16 03:45

Winging it’s way to our fellow jarhead (and son) as we speak.

Thanks brutha and Semper Fi.