Flying over MCRD San Diego

Flying over MCRD San Diego (August 25, 2000) Having a bi-annual reunion nearby, the USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association flies YL-42 (restored Sikorsky UH-34D) over the Marine…


Raymond “Mike” Clausen Jr.

Mike Clausen was one helluva Marine! He earned the Medal of Honor for bravery in Vietnam (more below). I first met Mike in Pensacola, Florida…


New USMC Recruiting Video

This is a great recruiting video for the Marine Corps…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFeHoMhuz7A https://www.txdvldg.com


A Marine Toast

There once was the love of a beautiful maid And the love of a staunch, true man And the love of a baby, unafraid All…